German technology company Wago began as a developer and manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnection products, introducing spring clamp terminal blocks to the electronics market in 1951. Wago continued to bring new connection solutions to the electronics market, including the Push Wire® range of pluggable connection terminal blocks and push-operated junction box connectors. Wago has expanded on its position as a global leader in electrical interconnections by entering the interface electronics sector, producing a range of I/O systems and associated components including relays, optocouplers and transducers, in addition to accessories including power supplies, mounting brackets and radio technology. In response to the increasing need to improve the energy-efficiency of industrial, commercial and municipal buildings, Wago has also moved into the field of building automation, devising bespoke systems capable of controlling all aspects of building management including lighting, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning) and energy management. These comprehensive systems utilize a complex network of technologies, and can be incorporated into a building at the design and construction stage, or retrofitted in existing buildings.

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