How to order

Thanks for choosing our web shop to buy industrial automation products.
Below we explain step by step, how to make order in our web shop.

1st STEP
If you’ve already registered in our shop, you need to login:

if no, please fill all the data and register account, but before that please choose how you will buy products - as a private person or as a company.

2nd STEP
Find product which you need in our range and add it to your cart.

3rd STEP
Check the products and shipping costs in your cart and accept order.

4th STEP
Please check contact data and delivery address and accept terms and privacy policy and submit purchase.

5th STEP
We will check your order and send proforma invoice to your email as order confirmation.


6th STEP
When you receive proforma invoice please payment method - credit card or bank transfer. If you choose to make payment by credit card please use link in email which we sent.

7th STEP
When we receive your payment confirmation will be sent to your email with proforma invoice marked as “PAID”